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Have a look this video to enjoy the series with intriguing music.


I was inspired by nature because of the fact that, given the chance, she will eventually takeover everything made by man. When humans go extinct as of today, some experts say that it will only take a couple of hundred years for the last skyscraper to crumble. But 35,000 years for lead to decompose. And even millions of years for bronze statues to weather. But in the end it will be The Final Takeover by nature.


It all starts with a little Determination (pt.1) and taking a first step. And with perseverance in Rebellion, Seduction, Ambition, Aspiration, Complication, Disruption, Futurization, Opposition, Induration, Improvisation, Abdication, Disposition and Assimilation, the end goal has been reached: Domination of all hurdles in order to thrive. Then nature has finally taken over what was hers in the first place...


Each work has a limited edition of 15. All works are printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching fine print paper.

All works in The Final Takeover series are E 500,= each (incl VAT/ excl shipping/ excl frame).

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